These Metallic Shoes Are This Summer's Hottest Trend

A bunch of stars have been wearing metallic shoes all summer. We've got you covered by sharing their looks with you for an affordable price - including FREE shipping on all products and a 15% discount using the code HOT-1. Here are 4 shiny shoes celebrities have been rocking:
Jessica Alba Metallic Heels                LeBeautiful Metallic Heels - $48.00
Jessica Alba has been seen rocking these metallic heels, and for good reason. The silver shine of theses shoes provide a nice compliment to any outfit.  
Nicki Minaj Gilded Heels                         LeBeautiful Gilded Bar Python Heels - $89.90
These metallic gilded heels are a statement. They give a royal touch to your look as shown by Nicki.
Rihanna Night Shine Heels       LeBeautiful Night Shine Heels - $89.90
Rihanna is at the top of fashion and music scenes, and one of her secrets are these shiny night time heels. They go great with an elegant dress.
Nene Super Shiny Heels       LeBeautiful "Angelica" Heels - $89.90
Nene Leakes can be seen wearing these metallic wing leaf heels to add shine for a formal appearance. You can do the same whether it's for a night out, or a special occasion.
Thanks for reading, and don't forget that all of these items include FREE shipping and a 15% off discount using the code HOT-1 
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These 5 Dresses are Summertime Must Haves!

The feeling of the sun on your skin, the rushing sound of trees swaying, and the taste of sweet, ripe fruit. Summer is great for many reasons, summer style being one of them. Dresses are always a go-to in the summer. We made a list of 5 affordable summer dresses so you can look good without breaking the bank:
Price: $38.90
Cece vcc grande
This elegant dress will make heads turn this summer. This sleek and stylish look comes with shorts to wear underneath, giving you functionality while looking great. Dress available here.
Price: $36.49
Aria main grande
Cut out shoulders are a great way to wear your favorite looks in the summer without overheating. This dress provides a simple, comfortable look that should be a staple in any summer wardrobe. Dress available here.
Price: $36.49
This stunning summertime favorite is a surefire way to receive a tonne of compliments. This dress is made with top quality material and is perfect to show off your summer body. Dress available here.
Price: $36.90
Christie cross vcc2 grande
This two piece look is great for a casual date or an afternoon brunch. Ideal for spring or summer. Match it with some flats for a casual look or high heels for more formal events. Dress available here.
Price: $36.49
Aurora vcc2 grande
This final dress is another simple, elegant look. This dress is super flattering and will have you feeling cool, comfortable and beautiful. Dress available here.
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